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Liz on the “Finding Stax” Podcast

Hey all! Zero health updates for Liz since the most recent good news, but I did want to share with everyone the interview that she recently did with the “Finding Stax” podcast! (Podcast = “Internet Radio Show” for you old-timers.) If you want to hear Liz talk about her experience in her own words, this would […]

The Six Month Itch

Today Liz had her six-month post-transplant biopsy. Rather than my usual rambling, I’ll let her tell you in her own words:   6 month biopsy This is what cancer is.. it’s puffy eyes, trying not to cry, because I don’t want someone chipping into… Posted by Liz Chambers on Monday, December 12, 2016   … and […]

Playing Clue

I’ll let Liz tell what she’s going through in her own words: Liz has gained weight, though it was clear from how puffy and swollen she looks that it’s primarily fluid retention (water weight). She’s been having pain in her legs, joints, and terrible headaches—yet she’s determined to not rely on prescription painkillers anymore. The good news […]

Broken Angel

The first week of outpatient has ended and Liz conquered it like a boss! Other than a visit for labs, she will be home for more than a week taking maintenance medications and home injections to get her ready for the next week of chemotherapy, which will require a few days in the hospital for […]

So What’s the Deal?

Cancer sucks. We know our family’s story isn’t unique. My daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and recently began her third week of a very aggressive regimen of chemotherapy as part of a two-year plan to declare her cancer-free. She’s currently a patient in the Bone Marrow Unit of Northside Hospital in […]