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Boring Is Good

There hasn’t been much activity here for a long time, specifically because there isn’t much to say. Liz has only infrequent visits for bloodwork and other checkups, and the only problem that’s even being looked at may very well be mundane dry eyes. Recently Liz had her scheduled biopsy to check on things one year after her […]

No News Like Good News!

Liz deserves to deliver this one herself. Check it out: VERY EXCITING NEWS! All of my blood and respiratory tests came back normal, my platelets came up major! I will be coming back IN A MONTH! 😃 So excited about this! Here’s some selfies 😂 Posted by Liz Chambers on Monday, March 27, 2017   It’s […]

Overdue Good News

As worried and scared and sad as many of us who love Liz have been the past six weeks, I’m really happy to report a piece of seriously good news! A few days ago she underwent another bone marrow biopsy—a procedure she’ll have to get accustomed to the next few years—and we’ve been awaiting the […]