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“So how is Liz?”

“How Can I Help?” Quick Links! Sponsor a game donation Purchase and/or share our fundraising items Provide a direct financial donation via PayPal Give blood and platelets through Atlanta Blood Services Let me get this part out of the way first. We have been beyond blessed both in terms of Liz’s recovery and the support we […]

Boring Is Good

There hasn’t been much activity here for a long time, specifically because there isn’t much to say. Liz has only infrequent visits for bloodwork and other checkups, and the only problem that’s even being looked at may very well be mundane dry eyes. Recently Liz had her scheduled biopsy to check on things one year after her […]

The Best Gift

Yesterday we fought through Atlanta traffic, frustrated with road construction and idiot drivers. We were a few minutes behind for the appointment but not horrendously late. Then Liz got a call. Apparently the appointment time she was given a week ago was incorrect, and we were 90 minutes late for labs we didn’t know were […]

The Six Month Itch

Today Liz had her six-month post-transplant biopsy. Rather than my usual rambling, I’ll let her tell you in her own words:   6 month biopsy This is what cancer is.. it’s puffy eyes, trying not to cry, because I don’t want someone chipping into… Posted by Liz Chambers on Monday, December 12, 2016   … and […]

Hopscotching Cancer

Firstly As things get easier we’ll be asking for less assistance from the outside world, but for those wanting to know “How Can I Help?” we still gratefully accept it when offered. So click here to read it in detail or check out the quick links below. Otherwise skip ahead to the current news! Quick Links! Sign up […]

The Eviction

  The emotional rollercoaster continues! I am thrilled to report that Liz is being kicked out of the Northside BMU and straight into the outpatient program. It’s been confirmed, and you heard it here: LIZ IS COMING HOME! Her blood counts keep coming up and her immune system is healthy enough to handle life on […]

Overdue Good News

As worried and scared and sad as many of us who love Liz have been the past six weeks, I’m really happy to report a piece of seriously good news! A few days ago she underwent another bone marrow biopsy—a procedure she’ll have to get accustomed to the next few years—and we’ve been awaiting the […]