You Are Awesome - Preview
You Are Awesome - Sample UsesDear Red Wings

You Are Awesome!

Pack of 5 cards that each read: “You Are Awesome!” and offer a blank space to fill in, plus a “Sincere” and “Sarcasm” checkbox to help illustrate your point. Let people know exactly how you feel!


Product Description

Sometimes you want to offer well-deserve praise for a job well done or a skill wonderfully executed. Other times you want to offer criticism, derision, and scorn. One simple card allows you to do either!

You Are Awesome! These cards allow you to write in just what is awesome and if you are being sweetly sincere or sharply sarcastic. The back is blank to give you room to optionally provide more details or simply sign your name.

$5 minimum gets you a pack of 5 cards (2.5″ x 3.5″) for you and those you believe are deserving,¬†good or bad. If you wish to donate more with your purchase you can change it to a higher price.

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