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The Best Gift

Yesterday we fought through Atlanta traffic, frustrated with road construction and idiot drivers. We were a few minutes behind for the appointment but not horrendously late. Then Liz got a call. Apparently the appointment time she was given a week ago was incorrect, and we were 90 minutes late for labs we didn’t know were […]

The Six Month Itch

Today Liz had her six-month post-transplant biopsy. Rather than my usual rambling, I’ll let her tell you in her own words:   6 month biopsy This is what cancer is.. it’s puffy eyes, trying not to cry, because I don’t want someone chipping into… Posted by Liz Chambers on Monday, December 12, 2016   … and […]

Holiday Raffle Ending!

Prize Winners! Grand Prize: Coffee Game Table ($899 value) from Carolina Game Table: Keith Bentel Savage Rifts® Bundle ($100+ value) from Pinnacle Entertainment Group: Mark Gallicchio Lovecraftian Tentacle Bundle ($60 value) from Signal Fire Studios: Jon Merchen Metamorphosis Alpha RPG ($20 value) from Signal Fire Studios: Kelly Caudle Pantheon Card Game + d20 die ($20 value) from […]

Holiday Fundraising Raffle!

TL;DR version: We’re hosting a raffle with amazing prizes. Click here to check it out! Detailed Version: We don’t want to give the wrong impression: Things have been tight for our family, but we are not destitute and there are those in greater need. We’ve been getting by and enjoyed great support over the course […]