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Liz GoodThere hasn’t been much activity here for a long time, specifically because there isn’t much to say. Liz has only infrequent visits for bloodwork and other checkups, and the only problem that’s even being looked at may very well be mundane dry eyes.

Recently Liz had her scheduled biopsy to check on things one year after her bone marrow stem cell transplant. The results? Nothing! No hint of cancer even with the most detailed instruments and testing procedures, and the numbers from her blood have repeatedly shown that her body is working well with her blood-generating tissue and immune system. She was given her twelve-month vaccines that will continue until she’s fully up-to-date on immunizations.

Liz is now going back to a general practitioner for all medical concerns unrelated to her cancer or treatment. She can travel, attend school, work a normal job, or do anything that any other healthy person can do!

To celebrate Liz’s victory over this awful disease, we are offering free shipping on the “Murder Cancer” t-shirt and mug inspired by the ladies on the My Favorite Murder podcast. Click here or on the image below to get it. Free shipping ends after Sunday, July 23rd!

Murder Cancer Cup: Emily S

Emily murders cancer with caffeine!

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