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Good Morning!

We’re back at the Northside Tower off-schedule. They asked Liz to come in when a rash flared up on her hands and arms. Hopefully it’s just an environmental allergy or some other minor issue, rather than a form of GVHD. Overall things have been going well! Here is a quick update:

Liz is off her immunosuppressant drugs entirely, and as she is slowly reducing other medications and supplements. The initial bloodwork for today’s visit has already come back and all of her counts are looking extremely good. Those numbers and her most recent bone marrow biopsy all show no trace of her cancer.

At this point her treatment plan is monitoring and maintenance, checking to make sure there is no sign of her cancer returning. Statistically speaking, the longer things look good the less chance there is of it ever coming back. Maintenance is about dealing with symptoms associated with transplant, side effects of her medications, and addressing any other concerns.

Fingers crossed, things are going well for Liz’s health in 2017. I hope my posts here become even less frequent and even more boring!

Send Extra Love

I’m not gonna offer names or specifics, but in the last week someone close to me has shared some upsetting news. Another parent and child are facing a challenge similar to what our family experienced almost a year ago. While respecting their privacy, I ask that you offer prayers and/or kind thoughts for a sweet child and my friend.

More “How Can I Help?” Info

For those wanting to know “How Can I Help?” we gratefully accept it when offered. So click here to read it in detail or check out the quick links at the top of the post. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us along the way!

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