Last Gasp (plus Cough, Sore Throat) of 2016

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So Long 2016!

What is is about 2016? It just seems like this past year has been a struggle for so many people I know, along with so many pop culture icons dropping dead and making us sad. And for our family Liz nearly dying from blood cancer is at the top of the list of why this year was full of fail. We just try to remember that there are silver linings hidden among the sucky clouds, and that this is the year Liz survived cancer. For her, 2017 will be the year of rebuilding her life and looking forward.

BUT (there’s always a but) 2016 isn’t quite done with her yet. Liz woke up a few days ago feeling like crap. She was running a fever, her head hurt, her throat was sore, and after a phone call we were on our way to the Cancer Infusion Center—the 11th floor of the Northside Tower. She had “graduated” from this treatment facility as IV medications and fluids are no longer a regular thing for her. But now she’s a guest star as they figure out what’s wrong.

Two days of nasal lavage samples reveal no viruses in her system, so it appears whatever is going on is bacterial—a good thing since she is taking two different powerful IV antibiotics. We’re waiting on cultures that take a bit longer to come back from the lab to know something more definite. She’s feeling a little better, but until they get a handle on her symptoms we’ll be coming back here every single day.

Liz has a new immune system and is still on an immunosuppressive drug, so any bug can hit her like a ton of bricks. I’m just grateful that she didn’t have to be hospitalized (which they considered a few days ago). Looks like we’ll be spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home to give the finger to 2016 and welcome a much better 2017 into our lives.

Happy New Year, folks! Thank you for doing so much for Liz and our family during this craptastic year. I hope you and yours enjoy health, success, and love in the coming year.

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For those wanting to know “How Can I Help?” we gratefully accept it when offered. So click here to read it in detail or check out the quick links at the top of the post. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us survive during the toughest year our family has ever experienced.

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