The Best Gift

Yesterday we fought through Atlanta traffic, frustrated with road construction and idiot drivers. We were a few minutes behind for the appointment but not horrendously late. Then Liz got a call. Apparently the appointment time she was given a week ago was incorrect, and we were 90 minutes late for labs we didn’t know were scheduled. Halfway into an hour drive, they canceled her appointment and told us they would call back to reschedule.

You can imagine just how thrilled we were.

Since we weren’t terribly far from my office, we swung by there so I could deal with a few quick things on my list before we trudged back home, having driven half an hour south for no reason.

While I answered emails and checked on things, Liz got a call from her doctor, who decided to just hold the meeting over the phone since the appointment got borked. “I looked over your biopsy results and the numbers look good, as good as can be expected. Your cells are 100% donor and you are in full remission.”

You can imagine just how thrilled we were.

The oncologist went on to say he was going to reduce some of Liz’s medication and switch her over to a less frequent schedule for clinic visit. She’s officially reached the next stage of her treatment and one more step close to being declared cancer-free and able to live a normal life.

Nothing I could get this holiday season could match the look of relief and joy I saw on my daughter’s face yesterday afternoon. After a year filled with bad news and setbacks, she was holding her breath and waiting to hear more of the same. This time she let the breath out and smiled.

Thank You!

Our family celebrates Christmas, but whatever your beliefs or traditions, our family wants to wish you and yours the best this season. It seems that 2016 has been a rough year for so many, and yet we have received love and support during our darkest hours beyond anything we could have predicted or even imagined. From financial help to meals for our family to gifts to cheer our girl up … to prayers lifted up to positive thoughts offered to cheerful wishes sent our family’s way … you’ll never know just how much it all meant.

From the moment Liz became sick, before we even knew what was truly going on, we were never alone. As dark as things once looked and as sick with worry as I became, I never felt alone. Thank you for being there for us, for me, for her. I can only hope that starting in 2017 I can find ways to pay it forward. We want to help and support others, to earn our blessings by offering them to others in need.

The greatest gift is love, and it is best enjoyed when given.

“How Can I Help?” Info

For those wanting to know “How Can I Help?” we gratefully accept it when offered. So click here to read it in detail or check out the quick links. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us survive during the toughest year our family has ever experienced.


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