Holiday Fundraising Raffle!

TL;DR version: We’re hosting a raffle with amazing prizes. Click here to check it out!

Detailed Version:

We don’t want to give the wrong impression: Things have been tight for our family, but we are not destitute and there are those in greater need. We’ve been getting by and enjoyed great support over the course of this year from friends near and far. There are many great charitable organizations that deserve your service and your dollars (the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is one that immediately come to mind!) which is one reason why we’ve focused on selling items rather than asking for direct donations.

That said, things have certainly been tight. Not every treatment or drug option has been covered by Liz’s insurance and financial assistance packages, and anytime over-the-counter options have been available those have been out of pocket. The costs of transportation to and from the hospital (60-90 minute drive each way, sometimes daily) add up along with the extra needs for food have taken a bite out of our budget. My own lost work and income as I’ve focused my energy and time toward Liz’s health and less on my business and creative projects are hard to quantify, but easily seen. In short, it’s been a rough year and if hasn’t been for how amazing all of you have been I’m not sure how we would have made it. And yet made it our family has … thank you!

We were surprised and grateful to the point of tears when our friends at Carolina Game Tables presented us with one of their gorgeous Game Coffee Tables — which retails for about nine hundred dollars — as a gift we could use in our fundraising efforts to help our family.

Gamer Coffee Table

Perfect for gaming in the comfort of your couch!

In exploring how to best use such a generous offer we decided we will hold a raffle, with the Coffee Game Table as the grand prize! But we are gathering up more prize packages, both from my company’s own stock and those donated by friends in the biz. Liz loves giving gifts, so she’ll have a blast drawing our many winners of such cool stuff. All the details and legal information are on the raffle page, but here is what we’re starting with as we launch:

More is on the way once I confirm the details even as I write this, so we’ll have lots of cool stuff! We’ll complete the prize drawings the night of December 9, 2016. (If you’re an industry friend and want to become a sponsor and donate something, get in touch with me and let me know what you have in mind.) No purchase is necessary, and you can mail us an entry for an equal chance in winning one of our prize packages. Click below to check it out, one raffle ticket is $20 or you can get three for $50:

Fun4Liz Holiday Raffle

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Holiday Fundraising Raffle!

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  1. Update! We made our initial goal of $2,000 several days ago, so we’ve upped it to $4,000 so we can pay down some long-term family debt and invest in some desperately needed home improvement projects that we’ve had to put off this past year. No matter what we’re already a huge success — THANK YOU EVERYONE!

    Jamie November 28, 2016 at 2:32 pm #
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