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Liz is in the hospital today, back in the Bone Marrow Unit that served as her second home for literally months this year. Fingers crossed she’ll be home tomorrow morning.

The last couple of weeks have been rough on Liz, and a reminder of just how complicated cancer-treatment can be even when things are (generally speaking) going pretty well. No news specifically on the cancer front since Liz was declared in remission following her post-transplant Day 100 biopsy. She has another biopsy next month to keep an eye on things. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) the other stuff she’s been dealing with has been not-fun.

The nasty cold that ravaged our entire family hit Liz like a ton of a bricks, and led to a sinus infection—confirmed both by CT scan and cultures taken by an ENT. Her body is extremely vulnerable at this stage so things that might inconvenience you or me are extremely dangerous for her. They put her on a CADD pump (24 hour take-home IV) with a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic and have her on an oral antibiotic as well. I’m happy to report the sinus issues are much improved in recent days.

Liz’s latest symptoms—on top of those from the cold/sinus infection and join pain and fluid retention—can be described as “gastrointestinal issues”: nausea, vomiting, and running to the bathroom with a sense of urgency that would put Chicken Little to shame. It could very well be these symptoms are caused by the heavy antibiotics, and will ease up once they are discontinued. But they might be a sign of Graft vs. Host Disease, which of course is the biggest risk when receiving a bone marrow transplant. If GVHD is affecting her gut it could be serious indeed, so to know for sure they have admitted her to the hospital and she is undergoing some tests in both her upper and lower GI—with Liz extremely glad she’ll be asleep for the whole thing.

Please keep happy thoughts, prayers, and crossed fingers on the ready so Liz can get some good news on this front. She has seen first-hand what GVHD in the gut can look like in fellow patients, and while it’s manageable, it’s still awful and leads to a lot of additional lifestyle difficulties and significant pain.

In the meantime we’re back to visiting the hospital every other day while Liz is on significant restrictions for where she can go and what she can do. We appreciate all of the well-wishes and assistance our family continues to receive throughout this stressful and difficult year. Thank you all!

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Our entire family are big fans of pulp horror author H.P. Lovecraft, from the serious tales of the Cthulhu Mythos to the more silly spinoffs including books and games and plushies. My publishing company has released books and games along those lines, along with several t-shirts. Now we’re taking pledges for a door hanger featuring the Elder Sign, a symbol from the Mythos that offers protection from Deep Ones and possibly other cosmic horrors. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for a Lovecraftian fan, and the sales benefit our family!

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Elder Sign Doorhanger Preview

We need forty pledges at $5 each to make sure the printing is totally covered, and we’ve already got more than ten. (You can see our progress on this Google doc!) If you want one or more, just write PLEDGE in the Comments below and make sure you provide an email address we can reach you at when it’s time for you to place and pay for your order! If you want more than one, just make sure you let us know how many to put you down for.

You like the Elder Sign and want it on a t-shirt? We’ve got you covered there too. Just click here or the picture below—available as tees, tanks, hoodie, or even coffee mug!

Elder Sign Men's Tee

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For those wanting to know “How Can I Help?” we gratefully accept it when offered. So click here to read it in detail or check out the quick links at the top of the post. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us survive during the toughest year our family has ever experienced.

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