Liz in Beanie


Liz is a 19 year old girl who is just beginning a years' long battle with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). And while most things are (thankfully!) covered by insurance, our family is struggling with the logistics and necessities and comforts to keep our daughter strong. Our family business is making games, books, and other entertaining products, so rather than asking for straight donations we want to offer things people can enjoy. So shop now have some Fun For Liz!
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“So how is Liz?”

“How Can I Help?” Quick Links! Sponsor a game donation Purchase and/or share our fundraising items Provide a direct financial donation via PayPal Give blood and platelets through Atlanta Blood Services Let me get this part out of the way first. We have been beyond blessed both in terms of Liz’s recovery and the support we […]

Boring Is Good

There hasn’t been much activity here for a long time, specifically because there isn’t much to say. Liz has only infrequent visits for bloodwork and other checkups, and the only problem that’s even being looked at may very well be mundane dry eyes. Recently Liz had her scheduled biopsy to check on things one year after her […]

Liz on the “Finding Stax” Podcast

Hey all! Zero health updates for Liz since the most recent good news, but I did want to share with everyone the interview that she recently did with the “Finding Stax” podcast! (Podcast = “Internet Radio Show” for you old-timers.) If you want to hear Liz talk about her experience in her own words, this would […]

Liz Gets Her Life Back

Liz went with her stepdad for today’s appointment, and the news is as good as anyone can hope for: This girl is FREE!!!! I can travel (wink wink Liz and Digger) I can get a JOB! I can go to COLLEGE! I’m so excited about this! My life is finally on the right track! GOOD […]